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Wheeled and tracked pavers of the SUPER series are today one of the core products of Joseph VÖGELE AG. But feeders of the series POWER FEEDER and screeds are also produced by VÖGELE AG.

Vögele started with the construction of parts for the railway like e.g. railway points or rails. It was not until the end of the 1920s that Vögele started to build road construction machines, as road transport was increasingly used alongside the railway.

The trailed distributor manufactured in 1928/29 is the first road paver from Vögele and heralded a new era. This machine type has been developed and improved over the following decades. Already in 1956, the SUPER 100 was a paver with floating screed and electric screed heating on the market. In 2019, Vögele now presents the SUPER 3000-3i, the world’s largest paver with a maximum paving width of 18 m.

In 1996, Vögele joined Wirtgen as the second company to join the Wirtgen Group.

In 2017, the Wirtgen Group and thus Joseph VÖGELE AG were taken over by the US-American agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere.

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Vögele Asphalt Paving Machine Spare Parts

Vögele Pressure rollers 
Vögele Material hopper rubbers 
Vögele Service packages for material hoppers 
Vögele Service packages for conveyor tracks
Vögele Service packages for return sheaves for conveyors 
Vögele Chain wheels and roller chains for auger drives 
Vögele Driving shafts for conveyors 
Vögele Service packages for auger blades
Vögele Service packages for auger blades for auger extension 
Vögele Service packages for augers 
Vögele Sensors for feed of mix of the augers
Vögele Cover rubbers for screeds 
Vögele Tamper shields and spring steel strips 
Vögele Tamper bars
Vögele Screed plates 
Vögele Pressure bars 
Vögele Service packages for screeds
Vögele Service packages for bolt-on extensions
Vögele Heating rods

Screed Width Control

Guide rails and slide blocks 
Telescoping tubes 

Crawler Unit Parts 

Vögele Crawler unit chains 
Vögele Track pads 
Vögele Track rollers 
Vögele Sprockets


Vögele Levelling systems for road pavers 274
Vögele Components of the levelling system 278
Vögele NIVELTRONIC and NIVELTRONIC Plus components 
Vögele Accessories for NIVELTRONIC