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At the heart of the world famous WIRTGEN road milling machines are the milling drums, designed and manufactured in our Windhagen headquarters.

In the standard product range, WIRTGEN offers an extensive number of optional drums that help the customer to perform many applications in the surface processing, as well as performing recycling work or when cut mining hard rock.

Almost every day we respond to individual project enquiries with appropriate solutions that require the use of special milling technologies.

With success, such as the many special milling drums for WIRTGEN devices and for competitor machinery, but also for special equipment such as processing plants or even mine-cleaning equipment. In the

design and production departments using the latest CAD and CNC technology, a new product is created on the computer screen. After corresponding simulation calculations the data is transferred to the production. 

Result: In a short time the customer can use his special roll on his site. 

WIRTGEN can also produce nowadays line spacings up to 3 mm through highprecision milling drum manufacturing processes.

WIRTGEN milling machines can be used anywhere where increased quality demands are made on milled surfaces. 

If machinery and tool manufacturers combine their skills, then the customer has many benefits. BETEK and WIRTGEN developed the first road milling pick in cooperation in 1982. Since then, both companies have utilised their experience to continuously develop the picks. The head office of BETEK GmbH & Co. KG is located in Aichhalden in the Black Forest and forms part of the SIMON group of companies founded in 1918. The close cooperation of the two system

partners enables us to quickly react to our customers’ wishes and suggestions. Development, construction and manufacture of various cutting tools at BETEK, perfectly matched to different machine types of WIRTGEN, ensure maximum performance of the WIRTGEN equipment.

The design of the picks varies between the different types depending on the application field and range. The components and their function are however always identical. Only the composition and geometry of the components is adjusted to the required applications. The highest possible economic efficiency is achieved by choosing the correct pick. This depends on the anticipated loads and acting wear mechanism. Picks for road milling machines, recyclers and stabilisers usually consist of five components

Wirtgen Road Milling Machiner Spare Parts

  1. Wirtgen Core competence cutting technology 
  2. Wirtgen Cutting tools 
  3. WirtgenToolholders 
  4. Wirtgen Milling drums 
  5. Wirtgen Milling drum housings 
  6. Wirtgen Conveyor belts 
  7. Wirtgen Crawler unit parts 
  8. Wirtgen Wheels and tyres 
  9. Wirtgen Power belts, belt pulleys, tensioner system 
  10. Wirtgen Clutches 
  11. Wirtgen Levelling 
  12. Wirtgen Water system 
  13. Wirtgen Electric and hydraulic vibrators 
  14. Wirtgen Cold recycler components 
  15. Wirtgen Electrical accessories 
  16. Wirtgen Tools 
  17. Wirtgen Filters 
  18. Wirtgen Maintenance kits 
  19. Wirtgen Lubricants 
  20. Wirtgen Telematics and Services